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Ag Business Celebrates Growth
Post Date: Aug 08 2016

By KX News
A $1.7 billion, international corporation celebrated an expansion of its Minot facility today.

AGT Foods is a Saskatchewan-based company that employs 2,200 people in 120 countries around the world, supplying food products based on pulse crops such as peas and beans.

The company moved in to Minot in 2011 and began an expansion of the facility located near the Port of North Dakota on Minot's east side.

The second phase of that expansion was dedicated today - with a ribbon cutting and special ceremony.

The president of AGT Foods says the Minot plant employs over 100 people and puts out more than $100 million in food products per year.

(Murad Al-Kaltib, AGT Foods President) "We're proud to be here. Agriculture is a big part of the North Dakota economy and pulse crops - peas and lentils and chick peas - the world is demanding high-protein, high-fiber, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients and that's what we're producing at this plant for major food companies all around the globe."

Today's event included a display and sampling of some of AGT's products including some new snacks from Sun Chips.

(Murad Al-Kaltib, AGT Foods President) "So we're showcasing some products here like a new Sun Chips that was launched by Frito Lay that has yellow peas made in this plant as the number one ingredient on the back. So it's very exciting to have international food companies embracing ingredients that are made right here in Minot."

The expansion dedicated today cost $20 million, bringing AGT's investment in its Minot plant to more than $75 million.

Ag Business Celebrates Growth - KX News
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