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Lt. Gov: 'Future's Incredible Bright' for ComDel
Post Date: Jun 16 2016

By Wahpeton Daily News
A 24,000-square-foot expansion to ComDel Innovation’s Wahpeton manufacturing plant at 2100 15th St. N. was dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday, June 14. Coming after ComDel’s annual stockholders meeting, the event included not only leaders such as North Dakota Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, but third-shift employees who stayed to observe it.

Jim Albrecht, company president, commented that since its 2007 founding, ComDel has been blessed with business opportunities. Because of this, their customer base and market share has grown.

“It’s pretty cool to see the commitment and dedication of this team, and the results that have come from that,” he said. “If you look at what that means to our customer base, it means that we continue to bring business back here and we continue to grow as a company.”

Wrigley, a fourth-generation North Dakotan, said the “future’s incredibly bright” for ComDel.

“You’ve done a great job of cultivating that customer base, so that your products have some place to go and a strong demand out there no matter what one particular sector’s doing,” he continued.

In his work with the North Dakota Trade Office, Wrigley is constantly asked about the state’s advancements in unmanned aircraft systems. Unmanned aircraft systems do not feature pilots and are being integrated incrementally into America’s airspace, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Private sector innovators are pairing in private-public partnerships with the government, and we’re doing things that are advancing this industry in important ways. It’s the fastest growing component of aviation. ... And it adds further diversification to our economy and more opportunity for the young people coming through and people looking for more diverse jobs. ... I think it taps into our pioneer spirit,” Wrigley said.

Wrigley urged those present to not believe what they’ve been told by television.

“Here we are today, with one of the strongest economies in all of America, one of the fastest-growing economies in America in many, many years,” Wrigley continued. Wages going up ... our population in North Dakota is higher than it’s ever been and in the last year, it’s growing more rapidly than anywhere in America because of opportunity in our state. A lot of opportunities present themselves and then there are things like this. This is an incredible endeavor and everything that you’re all doing makes it possible, makes it productive and makes it grow.”

After Wrigley, Wahpeton Mayor Meryl Hansey, Breckenridge Mayor Cliff Barth, Randy Pope, president of the Wahpeton Community Development Corporation and Dale Peppel, who managed the ComDel site when it was a 3M plant, all spoke.

“Growth is not given, it’s something that you have to earn,” Hansey said.

Prior to and following the ribbon-cutting, guests viewed displays of products produced by ComDel.

The expansion gives ComDel an additional 10 percent in footage, The Daily News reported in December 2015.

Lt. Gov: 'Future's Incredible Bright' for ComDel - Wahpeton Daily News
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