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Research ND Awards Funding Requests Totaling $1,762.229
Post Date: Oct 22 2015

By ND Commerce
The North Dakota Centers of Excellence Commission awarded funding requests for seven Venture Grants, one Research ND grant and one Research ND BIO grant totaling $1,762,229 at its meeting on October 21, 2015.
Research ND promotes the development and commercialization of products and processes through industry/university research partnerships. Research ND provides matching funds to help companies pay for the university research.
Through Research ND and Research ND BIO, firms have the opportunity to leverage their research, development and commercialization funds and gain access to the creative talents and extensive research base of North Dakota’s Research Universities. Research ND and Research ND BIO matching funds are awarded on a competitive basis for projects based on proposals submitted jointly by researchers from a North Dakota research university and a private sector partner.
The Venture Grant Program is designed to help move university-developed technology into the marketplace through startup or spinout companies. The Venture Grant Program provides seed grants and matching funds to facilitate startup and spinout companies’ use of university technology.
The following awarded requests were funded:
Research ND
NDSU Research Extension Center in Carrington in partnership with IntelinAir, Inc. was awarded $62,291 to use thermal infrared sensors mounted to a hexarotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to collect high-resolution imagery to determine the harvest readiness of crops in the field.
Research ND BIO
UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences Department of Basic Sciences in partnership with Avianax, LLC was awarded $1,000,000 to develop anti-influenza A virus antibodies for the treatment of flu in poultry, dogs and humans using therapeutic goose antibodies.
Venture Grant Phase I
(This grant phase is used to determine the feasibility of building a business around university technology.)
NDSU Chemistry and Biochemistry was awarded $100,000 to develop modified forms of silicon which are free of contaminants such as heavy metals and toxic nonmetals that can be used as sensors and diagnostic tools in commercial applications.
NDSU Electrical and Computer Engineering was awarded $100,000 to develop a power amplifier for mobile phones that eliminates today’s key challenges of cost, size and battery-power.
NDSU Coatings and Polymeric Materials was awarded $100,000 to enable production of high value and high profit specialty polymers from vegetable oils. 
NDSU Mechanical Engineering was awarded $99,995 to develop an improved prosthesis design that addresses the major limitations of current total ankle replacement approaches.
UND Computer Science was awarded $99,954 to develop a technology that will characterize the performance of in-process 3D printing.
UND Electrical Engineering was awarded $100,000 to develop and commercialize a heart monitoring system using smartphones with no battery on the sensors side and no wire connection.
UND Electrical Engineering was awarded $100,000 to demonstrate a proof-of-concept of wirelessly powering industrial sensors through radio frequency (RF) at a distance and prototyping a power reception module system for industrial sensors.
The next deadline Research ND, Research ND BIO and Venture Grant applications is November 20, 2015.
The overall goal of Research ND, Research ND BIO, FAST Track and the Venture Grant programs is to have a long term positive economic impact on the State and Private Sector through various means including, but not limited to; economic diversification, improved production factors, and the development of new markets. For additional information, please visit www.ResearchND.com.  
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