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Workforce Development
Workforce Matters: 9.2015
Workforce Matters is a quarterly newsletter from the North Dakota Department of Commerce Workforce Development Division that informs private and public partners about the latest workforce news.
Use this as a resource for tips on how to recruit talent for your business, ways to engage newly hired employees, and success stories from companies who have used state programs to achieve a goal.

The Workforce Leadership Team has developed a document to lessen any possible confusion on the various state and federally funded workforce development programs operating in North Dakota. The document includes the current biennium allocation, a description for each program, the state agency or organization responsible for administering the program and most importantly a link to the administering agency’s website. This will allow a user to quickly find the appropriate administrating agency and utilize the program. 

Basin Electric Growing Green Thumbs, Opportunities with Basin’s Backyard Garden

During a winter Basin Electric staff writer’s meeting, the seed was planted.
The communications team had been brainstorming ideas for stories to write about in the upcoming year when Tracie BettenhausenCucumbersraw.jpg, Basin Electric senior staff writer/editor, had an idea. “Since we’ve had a lot of new people start working at Basin Electric over the last year or so, we were trying to think of ways to remind our employees of what it means to be a cooperative. I’ve always enjoyed gardening and this idea popped into my head. I thought we could plant a garden on Basin’s lawn,” Bettenhausen says. “We have so much space on our lawn that could be used to grow a garden, so why not?”
A year later, the garden has expanded in both size and support, with about 30 volunteers weeding, harvesting and donating throughout the summer and into fall.
The garden is helping co-workers grow in their relationships. “If a person’s day-to-day work never puts them in contact with people throughout the building, this garden will. It gives them a chance to work side-by-side with somebody and get to know them better,” Bettenhausen says.
The garden is also be a way to help employees understand cooperative philosophy and the cooperative principle of concern for community. Several events have been held at the garden to raise cooperative awareness. Co-op Coffee at the Garden brought in BisMan Community Food Co-op representatives to recruit members for the food co-op. And when Basin Electric supported the food co-op with $50,000, the big check was handed over in between the beans and the cabbage.

North Dakota Governor’s Workforce and HR Conference

Creating To2015WFHRlogo.jpgmorrow’s Traditions
September 16 & 17
Holiday Inn, Fargo

New Education Track Features
Attendees will have the opportunity to experience two specialty tracks at the conference.

LEGAL TRACK –The Legal Track will be available for those seeking specific topics such as discrimination, FMLA, NLRB and other employment law. Education sessions will be led by lawyers and professionals who are available to answer those challenging legal questions.
RECRUITERS TRACK – Workforce attraction is hot topic across the state and this track connects you with recruitment strategies that help fill your positions. Two sessions in this track include “Get More Candidates” and “ND Legendary Branding & Recruitment.” Presenters will have insight on building creative approaches and best practices to apply directly to your recruitment process.
There will be a minimum of 12 credits available for attendees who are maintaining the certifications.
Register soon to ensure you don’t miss the hottest HR event in the state.


Legendary Nurse Career Center: a Career Resource for Nurses and Employers

Nurses enjoy a wealth of opportunities in terms of career paths and growth. The country’sCenterforNursing.jpg healthcare needs continue to evolve and nurses are more in demand than ever before. But with their busy schedules, finding the right career takes up invaluable time for many nurses. More often than not, nurse recruiters and employers also face similar challenges when trying to recruit for new openings.

The North Dakota Center for Nursing’s Legendary Career Center offers a convenient intersection in which nurses and nurse employers can find one another. Each month, the North Dakota Center for Nursing emails a dedicated job flash listing of available jobs posted in its career center to every licensed nurse in the state. This makes the Career Center one of the most invaluable resources for nurse recruiters in North Dakota.

For nurses, the Career Center offers convenience through its e-delivery of career opportunities. Nursing careers are also listed in the Career Center’s monthly newsletter.

The Legendary Nurse Career Center is hosted on the North Dakota Center for Nursing’s Legendary Nurse Portal.The portal contains resources for students, faculty and nurses including information on the various types of nursing careers, how to pursue a career in nursing, helpful links to North Dakota’s nursing education programs, stories about real nurses working and living in North Dakota and much more.

More information on the Legendary Nurse Career Center, including career opportunities and posting career listings.

Sign up for the ND Center for Nursing’s newsletter and job flash emails.

Find the Good Life Initiative Partners with the Greater Chamber of North Dakota

foundation.jpgIn the continued effort of the Find the Good Life in North Dakota initiative, the North Dakota Department of Commerce and the Greater Chamber of North Dakota will be attending “Hiring Our Heroes” hiring events at five military bases in September through December and are sponsored by the U.S. Chamber.

These events will be for military personnel transitioning out of the military and will be looking for permanent homes and civilian jobs. Businesses are also encouraged to attend. This will strengthening the recruitment efforts by visiting with potential employees and solidifying their interest in relocating to North Dakota. If Recruiter Network members aren’t able to attend events, they can send a one-page sheet of either company information or open positions to be given to interested attendees.

Events include:
September 22-24; JB Lewis McChord, WA (Tacoma)
October 21-22; Fort Campbell, KY (Nashville)
November 4-5; Fort Bliss, TX (El Paso)
November 18-19; Fort Bragg, NC (Fayetteville)
December 9; JB San Antonio, TX

For more information contact Wayde Sick.
Recruiter Network members can email job pages a week in advance of the event to Amanda Remynse.

When Your Employee is Called to Military Duty

Hiring an employee who has an obligation to the United States military comes with certain responsibilities to that employee and employer.

Typically, a reservist employee will have their drill schedule given to them a year in advance. The drill schedule is one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Dates on this schedule rarely change, but it’s good idea to keep in mind for planning purposes and to avoid conflicts. If a natural disaster hits the state, the reservist will have about two or three days of notice. If you are the employer, flexibility in this short notice situation is extremely important. If your employee is scheduled to conduct additional training, beyond two weeks, they will typically be aware of this about three to six months of notice. When a reservist is called to active duty, a deployment that lasts longer than 30 days, they will generally have about six months to a year of notice.

More information available on handling active duty deployment.

Employers of National Service

What is Employers of National Service? Presidential initiative to recognize the valuable skills 0americorps.jpggained by more than 900,000 Americans who have participated in AmeriCorps since 1994 and over 215,000 who have participated in Peace Corps.

Employers of National Service builds a talent pipeline which connects AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni with leading employers from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to create recruitment, hiring, and advancement opportunities. Through this initiative, employers have increased access to a dedicated, highly qualified, and mission-oriented pool of potential employees, and national service alumni have additional opportunities to apply their skills in the workplace.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Employer of National Service? Employers of National Service will have a competitive edge in reaching a large and diverse pool of talented individuals. Participating employers will have their job opportunities highlighted via promotional channels that reach a vast network of talented job seekers. Every employer from the nonprofit, government, and corporate sectors should strongly consider the value that national service alumni can add to their organization.

Find more information and to sign up for Employers of National Service. 

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