1~Workforce and HR Conference
Culture + Connections: 2016 Governor's Workforce and Human Resources Conference. September 20-22 in Bismarck
Save the Date for the 2017 Governor’s Workforce & HR Conference!
September 20 - 22
Holiday Inn, Fargo

One-Day Exhibitor Showcase on September 21

We are excited to have our keynotes and agenda secure for this year’s event. We will be accepting sponsors and exhibitors in March with attendee registration opening in July. Plan to be there!
Preview of our keynotes:

TAheadshot2.jpgTalent Anarchy: Un-Management: Confronting the Inconvenient Truth about Innovation

Your organization is probably talking about innovation. You may even be investing in programs and initiatives with the aim to create more innovation. There is no doubt regarding its importance. Innovation is survival. But, is it actually happening?

In this provocative keynote, you will gain a deeper understanding of innovation and discover many common misconceptions about how it works. You will confront the inconvenient truth that much of modern management practice is anti-innovation and that innovation begins with culture. You will learn that leading successfully in an environment of constant change that demands innovation requires new thinking and a different approach.

K. WoodKathleen Wood: B.O.L.D. Leadership - Why Crazy is Good

Our world has a leadership deficit and now is the time to go big or go home. Bold leaders are trailblazing the future today by employing ground-breaking methods for transforming culture, market leadership and profits. If you are looking to ignite powerful transformation within in your business or team, B.O.L.D. Leadership is the one keynote is essential for accelerating people, performance and profits. B.O.L.D. Leadership is not an idea, concept or philosophy it is THE critical transformational platform for leaders to be successful today and into tomorrow!

RonFriedman.jpgRon Friedman: What the World’s Best Workplaces Do Differently

Ron surveyed the world’s most successful organizations, identifying key practices that position them to thrive.

He reveals the highlights, offering a surprising look at the emerging science of workplace excellence. You’ll discover why great workplaces reward failure and how turning colleagues into close friends can bolster your bottom line. You’ll learn why DreamWorks pays employees to decorate their desks, why the Boston Consulting Group flags analysts who don’t take paid time off (PTO), and why Radio Flyer provides mileage reimbursement for employees who ride their bikes.

By the end of this presentation, not only will you and your team think differently about your workplace, you’re bound to come away with a variety of actionable insights that you can immediately put to use.
For more information on the keynotes or on the conference, check out NDWorkforceandHR.com

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