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Culture + Connections: 2016 Governor's Workforce and Human Resources Conference. September 20-22 in Bismarck
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TAheadshot2.jpgThe Path to Innovation Runs through HR/Workforce Development
Innovation! This word has certainly taken on buzzword status, and you can find it splashed across billboards, worshipped in business magazines, and likely bouncing off the walls of your boardroom. We may not agree on much these days, but seem to have settled on the general agreement that innovation matters. We must innovate in order to respond to changing customer needs, disruptive technology, and upstart competitors.
Innovate or die. 
A question for you as you nod your head up and down. If innovation is so critical to our business, why are most of us so bad at it? For all the talk of innovation, the examples of organizations who are doing it really well seem to be few and far between. 
It’s not from a lack of effort or desire. Depending on the size of your organization, you may have people on the payroll who have “innovation” in their title. You may have committees dedicated to it. We read about, get trained on it, and yet, true innovation seems elusive. 
Some of this is due to our commonly held beliefs about what innovation is, and how it happens. But much of it can be traced back to our dependence on the practice of management. Traditional management practice is extremely effective for driving efficiency and throughput. It favors consistency, reliability and homogeny.  Management has been very good to us over the years, but there’s a problem. 
The practice of management is, in many ways, inherently anti-innovation.
Innovation depends on the very things that management is designed to reduce and eliminate.  Innovation requires the messiness of exploration, trial and error, and the serendipity that is only possible when we have time to connect with our peers without agenda.   
Our organizations will continue to struggle with innovation until we begin to take active measures to counter-balance our reliance upon management by shaping a culture designed to fuel innovation. 
And, while not too many leaders are hunting for the answer to their innovation problems within the HR department, they should be. Culture is our business in HR/Workforce Development
We are excited about this conversation and about what the future holds for HR/Workforce Development. We are also excited to be returning to Fargo, please join us on Sept 20th and 21st at the ND State Governor’s Workforce and HR Conference to dive deeper into the what, why and how of innovation, the elements that fuel a culture of innovation, and the approaches that can be applied to start the transition within your organization.  

For questions prior to the conference, feel free to contact Wayde Sick or Amber Unser.

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