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Workforce Matters: 6.2015
Workforce Matters is a quarterly newsletter from the North Dakota Department of Commerce Workforce Development Division that informs private and public partners about the latest workforce news.
Use this as a resource for tips on how to recruit talent for your business, ways to engage newly hired employees, and success stories from companies who have used state programs to achieve a goal.

Strata Corporation: Recruiting with Reputation

Offering a widstrata.jpge variety of construction services, material, supplies, and transportation by rail and truck, Strata Corporation has more than 20 offices in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. They pride themselves on hiring people whose contributions lead to the success of the company.

In 2014, Strata Corporation had over 4,000 applicants, 20 percent of which were considered qualified for the available positions. They finished the year by filling over 200 positions, 25 percent from employee referrals and 17 percent by word of mouth. Strata Corporation offers competitive wages and a full benefits package including 401K, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Depending on the location of the employment, housing and subsistence pay may be applicable. Strata Corporation also invests profits back into employee success and safety by providing updated machinery to operators.

With the construction industry being competitive, an online application process is necessary to manage the large volume of applications for open positions. Many positions get filled in this manner and with the size and scope of the three-state operation. It provides more opportunities to be presented to job seekers over a wider area. 

In the past, Strata Corporation attended out-of-state job fairs. However when the oil/energy boom hit North Dakota, they saw a shift in individuals relocating and recently started attending only in-state fairs. While their preference is industry specific fairs to capture experienced workers, they have also visited high schools promoting career opportunities that are available in the construction industry. 

Other recruiting tactics include the usage of various job boards and ensuring keywords are being used on their website to optimize job seeker searches. These efforts provide a wide reach with a low investment of dollars. Strata Corporation also reviews and contacts out-of-state job seekers who place their resumes online with Job Service North Dakota. These tactics reach potential local and out-of-state seekers who continue to hear about the reputation and quality of work at Strata Corporation.

When asked about their outlook in the North Dakota market, they were quick to answer, “We are a stable North Dakota-based company providing service for over 100 years and we don’t plan on going anywhere.”

To see their listings or how the online application process works, check out their website.

NDAvantage.com: Working to Retain Workforcedvrlogo.png

North Dakota’s economy is creating new opportunities and challenges as employers compete for qualified employees.
It’s because of this potential impact that the North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) launched www.NDAdvantage.com, a business-focused initiative seeking to connect North Dakota employers with the services available through DVR and its partners that are designed to help keep employees on the job.
“NDAdvantage.com is more than a public awareness campaign,” explains Russ Cusack, DVR director. “It’s a focused approach to providing North Dakota business with consultation on strategies that will help them retain workers they may potentially lose.”
Cusack continues, “An experienced team drives business productivity and profitability, ultimately giving the business a competitive advantage. The loss of just one qualified, experienced employee, particularly to a permanent injury, illness or impairment, may have a negative impact on a business’ bottom-line.”
While NDAdvantage.com is being spearheaded by DVR, Cusack points to the collaborative partnerships that exist between North Dakota’s workforce development partners.
“North Dakota has a network of workforce development partners dedicated to assisting employers and employees.  The services available to business are innovative and comprehensive. They reflect a commitment by multiple agencies to providing the right solutions for North Dakota growing business needs. NDAdvantage.com represents a one-stop connection to many of these programs.”
To learn more, visit www.NDAdvantage.com

Workforce Development Legislative Update

NDSeal.jpgThe 64th Legislative Assembly has come to a close. To summarize the session in numbers, there were 854 total bills of which 476 in the House and 378 in the Senate, 84 concurrent resolutions, and 2 memorial resolutions introduced. Of the total 940 bills and resolutions introduced, 268 House bills, 214 Senate bills, 34 House concurrent resolutions, 16 Senate concurrent resolutions, 1 House memorial resolution, and 1 Senate memorial resolution passed. Previous to the assembly, the Department of Commerce went into session with workforce being one of the top priorities to focus programming on.  With the bills being finalized and funds appropriated, Commerce’s Workforce Division will focus its efforts moving forward with new and continuing programs. With lower revenue forecasts due to economic indicators, came lowered appropriations with a number of Commerce’s current programs.

Click here for a more comprehensive overview of Department of Commerce’s Workforce programs that were appropriated for this coming biennium. 

2015 North Dakota Governor's Workforce & HR Conference
September 16 & 17 | Fargo, ND | Holiday Inn2015WFHRlogo.jpg

For the third year in a row, the North Dakota Department of Commerce and the North Dakota SHRM State Council are collaborating to provide incredible educational and networking opportunities to North Dakota’s workforce leaders.

Register at www.NDWorkforceandHR.com now.

Why Attend This Conference?
  • Learn from your peers and presenters on hot topics critical to enhancing today's workforce opportunities and engaging your workforce in new ways;
  • Develop your influence and knowledge base on topics such as remote workers, internships and cooperative work experiences, innovation in the workplace, social media, hiring veterans and company culture; and
  • Connect with over 400 HR professionals and industry leaders from across the state and around the region.
Allison O'Kelly"Five Steps to Achieving Flexible Work"
Allison O’Kelly

As baby boomers retire and millennials become a greater segment of the workforce, flexible work is a current reality and one that is being demanded by all generations in the workforce. It’s critical to understand how to make flexible work a success for you or those you advise in your organization. Allison O’Kelly will provide a framework to understand the definition of flexible work, data to prove the benefits of flexible work to employers, and a 5 step program to ensure your success (or those you advise) when requesting a flexible work arrangement.

To see more speakers featured at the Governor's Workforce & HR Conference and to register visit www.NDWorkforceandHR.com.

Getting Social about Recruiting

foundation.jpgThe Find the Good Life effort is working with Experience ND’s social media channels to promote jobs in North Dakota. Through Facebook and Twitter, Experience ND is posting information about job opportunities and relocators to North Dakota. As an employer in North Dakota, you are invited to interact with these channels and share comments about positions you have available in your companies. This is an excellent audience to recruit in and the social reach of the page will help you find more potential candidates who are considering making North Dakota their home. If you have questions about how you can be more involved call Amanda at 701-328-5300.

Answering the Call to Serve North Dakota

The North Dakota National Guard answers the call for help in its community when needed. Beyond theNatlGuard.jpg traditional commitment of one weekend a month and two weeks a year, many soldiers and airmen can be activated to serve their state in a time of need.

The men and women who serve in the North Dakota Army and Air National Guard also maintain a civilian job outside of their military obligation. Support from the civilian employer is crucial to the success of that individual when preforming military duties. During a natural disaster or time of crisis, the governor will execute an executive order which authorizes the adjutant general to activate North Dakota National Guard resources in support of local and tribal governments.

Most recently, with the fire that burned over 1200 acres near the University of Mary in Bismarck, the North Dakota Army National Guard launched three UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to help suppress the flames. The Black Hawks used several 600-gallon water buckets to scoop water from the Missouri River. For more on the Black Hawk Support with the Burleigh County Wildfire, click here. Pictures capturing the servitude of the National Guard to the state of North Dakota are promoted on their Flickr account.

With National Guard units located all across the state, men and women are notified via a telephone call from their commanding unit. In most circumstances, they will have three days to notify their employer that they are being activated to support the state of North Dakota. The employer has a right to request documentation, not only as proof but also for payroll or leave purposes. A set of military orders covering the duration of the time they are being activated for can be given to the employer, as needed.

AmeriCorps Project Spotlight: North Dakota Reading Program0americorps.jpg

North Dakota Reading Corps, located in Fargo, is a multi-region initiative to help every child become a successful reader by the end of third grade. The program places AmeriCorps members as literacy tutors in Fargo, Jamestown, West Fargo, Mandan, and Bismarck schools, plus three child care centers, to implement researched-based early literacy efforts to help struggling readers. Tutors work one-one one with students who are below proficiency in reading. Reading Corps tutors serve 15 or 20 hours per month August through May. Tutors receive training on program’s curriculum and receive multiple layers of coaching support to help them in their service to students.

For more information visit their website or contact Jolene Garty at 701-446-3173

Connect with North Dakota Workforce Development Programs

  • Job Service North Dakota – Post jobs, search resumes, receive applications, and access current labor market information, all online. Business services consultants meet personally with employers and assist in developing recruitment strategies that may include company-specific hiring events, labor market information and suggestions for creating effective job postings on the state’s primary job exchange website.
  • Operation Intern – Available to North Dakota employers for North Dakota students, this program provides up to $3,000 in matching funds per student, per term for a maximum of $6,000 per student, and a maximum of $30,000 per employer in a biennium. 
  • Apprenticeship  – Registered apprenticeship provides paid on-the-job training with related technical instruction in a highly skilled occupation. It is used for both non-union and union career opportunities. 
  • Workforce 20/20 – Provides matching funds to employers to offset the cost of training North Dakota incumbent workers and new employees. Training focus is on production, manufacturing – new methods or technology.
  • North Dakota New Jobs Training – Provides incentives to primary sector businesses that are creating new jobs. The program provides a means for businesses to obtain no-cost funding to offset workforce related cost associated with startup and training of new employees.
  • TrainND – State supported program for the four designated training institutions of higher education (Lake Region State College, North Dakota State College of Science, Bismarck State College and Williston State College). Provides comprehensive, customized worker training to meet employer-defined needs.
  • North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – Assists North Dakotans with disabilities to improve their employment opportunities and to assists businesses in finding solutions to their disability-related issues.
  • Department of Public Instruction, Adult Education and Family Literacy Unit – Promotes and supports programs that help adults over the age of 16 obtain basic academic and educational skills to be productive workers, family members and citizens. 
To sign up for this free electronic newsletter visit NDWorkforce.com and click “sign up for e-news” and check Workforce Development. 

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