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Workforce Matters 7.2016
Workforce Matters is a quarterly newsletter from the North Dakota Department of Commerce Workforce Development Division that informs private and public partners about the latest workforce news.
Use this as a resource for tips on how to recruit talent for your business, ways to engage newly hired employees, and success stories from companies who have used state programs to achieve a goal.

The Workforce Leadership Team has developed a resource to lessen any possible confusion on various state and federal workforce development programs in North Dakota. Learn more at Available Workforce Projects/Programs.

Bismarck Aero Center: Connecting Youth through Industry Education

aerocenterlogo.pngBismarck Aero Center, along with sister company Mandan Aero Center, is a part of the growing general aviation industry within the Bismarck/Mandan area. Even though it's growing, general aviation is something that is not well known by people and is easily confused with the more common commercial aviation. The Bismarck Aero Center takes it upon themselves to help keep the industry growing by making sure it is accurately understood.

There are different ways Bismarck Aero Center works to help educate the community. They openly give multiple site tours a year and are involved in a variety of community events. One of the biggest events they host is for the North Dakota Business Aviation Association’s Annual Aviation Career Day. This one-day event at the Bismarck Airport allows surrounding area students to take in presentations on different aviation careers from passionate aviation professionals themselves.

aerocenter.jpgFor some students, Aviation Career Day could be the first and maybe the only time they get to see and learn about aircraft up close. For others, this could be the day that sparks a lifetime passion for aviation. In its 13th year, there have been thousands of students who have attended the event, over 750 students in 2016 alone.

 “We believe that if we can actively educate our community’s young people on all the opportunities of general aviation than we are doing our jobs as stewards of this great industry," says
Bismarck Aero Center CEO Jon Simmers. "This is how we can keep getting great people to come into our industry and add value to our community.”

For more information about Bismarck Aero Center, visit BismarckAero.com.

The Native American Development Center

TNADCLogo1.pnghe Native American Development Center (NADC), founded in 2012 and located in Bismarck, is a Native American-governed nonprofit corporation that provides economic education and support services, helping people and families obtain economic security by preserving culture while building human capital through personal and professional development opportunities. It currently provides services to the largest Native American urban population in North Dakota with well over 50 different tribes across the U.S. represented.

The primarily audience is Native Americans transitioning into the Bismarck metro area. It is common for Native Americans to move from a reservation to attend college at United Tribes Technical College, require employment and housing opportunities, and access other emergency resources to help with economic stabilization. The NADC works to fill a community gap, which is to provide relevant cultural support services. They recently obtained an agreement with the North Dakota Department of Corrections and the Burleigh County Detention Center to provide a pilot mentoring program for Native Americans. Mentoring services will be accessible to all Native Americans seeking to improve their lives. The NADC acknowledges that life brings many obstacles and has created a platform that will provide support mechanisms to both social and economic life transitions to ensure stability and security in the lives of individuals and their families.

The provided socio-economic and transitional support services range from weekly support groups, financial counseling, homeownership counseling, housing and job search assistance to mentoring services. These services are given through a variety of different workshops. NADC will be working with career advisor training through Career & Technical Education to meet their audience needs. They are partners with many of the state and local agencies, and the North Dakota Indian Business Alliance, United Tribes Technical College, HUD Region VII Collaboration and the Missouri Valley Coalition for Homeless People.

For a list of other upcoming projects or more information, please visit with website, Facebook, or Twitter.

North Dakota State Commission on National and Community Service

Become a State Commissioner! You will help make decisions that impact both the program’s operation and the people the program's serve in North Dakota. You will also help make important decisions on how North Dakota’s limited AmeriCorps State Formula resources are awarded. If you are a Business Representative, Community Based Organization, or Youth Representative and interested in serving North Dakota contact Ryan Volk to become a commissioner. Check out information AmeriCorps ND or the State Commission on National and Community Service.

Find the Good Life - Recruitment Tools

Find_GoodLife_ND_logo.jpgInterested in how you can access the materials and videos from the Find the Good Life initiative to use in your recruitment efforts?

Connect with the new Recruitment Tools area of www.NDWorkforce.com. It includes links to the New to North Dakota videos, ad examples, Find the Good Life in North Dakota logos as well as newsletter article resources and more. You can also learn about upcoming Good Life marketing efforts.

Governor's Workforce and HR Conference Announces Keynote Speaker

NDDOC_HRConference2016_500x50001.jpgThis year’s conference will be held September 20-22 at a new location, the Bismarck Event Center. We have a full slate of national and local speakers to provide solutions to workforce challenges.

KnightJ.jpgOur closing keynote, Jim Knight, is not your average speaker. Known as “The Transformer,” he is the expert Fortune 500 companies and organizations turn to when they want to reinvent themselves or shake things up. His keynote address at the conference is “Culture That Rocks: How To Amp Up Or Revolutionize A Company's Culture.” Jim uses the visceral backdrop of several well-known brands, including Hard Rock International, as a platform to discuss key strategies to transform any organization’s culture. In his signature Rock ‘n Roll style, Jim delivers insight on every element of organizational culture, including: a Clear-Cut Definition Of Culture (finally!), Heritage Vs. Culture, Brand Ambassadors, Employee Engagement, and How To Hire (and retain) Leadership Rock Stars. If you’re open to disruptive change within your organization, don’t miss the opportunity to hear what all the noise is about.

Jim Knight is sponsored by the Bank of North Dakota.

For more information on the other keynotes or to register, check out NDWorkforceandHR.com or see a preview from Jim.

Four Skilled Trade Jobs That Allow for a Smooth Military Career Transition

0benfawtransition.jpgFew careers carry the weight and recognition of those who serve in the military, but not all members of the military elect to serve for their entire career. There are currently 1,465,068 active duty military members in the U.S., and many choose to enter the civilian workforce upon completing their service. The skills and values found in the military are also found within a number of skilled trade professions, which makes transitioning from a military to a civilian career much easier. Here, we have compiled four of the most accessible careers for military veterans transitioning back into civilian life.

1. Electricians
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the need for electricians is expected to grow by 20% by 2022, which is twice as much as the average growth rate for all occupations. In addition, those pursuing this trade career usually only need a high school diploma or an equivalent degree to begin training for this career, which makes for a quick transition.

2. HVAC Technicians
The aforementioned utilities equipment repairer is also responsible for the maintenance and supervision of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The employment outlook for HVAC techs is excellent, with an expected growth rate of 21% by 2022.

3. Welders
There are many different scenarios where welding skills are needed in the armed forces. Typically, an allied trade specialist is responsible for completing welding tasks.

4. Automotive Technicians
The military uses a fleet of vehicles during both training and combat, and in times of peace. However, all machinery is susceptible to wear and tear, especially considering the inhospitable terrain that troops often find themselves in. Wheeled vehicle mechanics are responsible for ensuring that all wheeled vehicles operate appropriately and are properly maintained.

This article was contributed by Audrey Jenkins.

Employers of National Service

americorps_peacecorpslogos.jpgWhat is Employers of National Service?
It is a presidential initiative to recognize the valuable skills gained by more than 900,000 Americans who have participated in AmeriCorps since 1994 and over 215,000 who have participated in Peace Corps.

Employers of National Service builds a talent pipeline which connects AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni with leading employers from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to create recruitment, hiring, and advancement opportunities. Through this initiative, employers have increased access to a dedicated, highly qualified, and mission-oriented pool of potential employees, and national service alumni have additional opportunities to apply their skills in the workplace.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Employer of National Service?
Employers of National Service will have a competitive edge in reaching a large and diverse pool of talented individuals. Participating employers will have their job opportunities highlighted via promotional channels that reach a vast network of talented job seekers. Every employer from the nonprofit, government and corporate sectors should strongly consider the value that national service alumni can add to their organization.
Find more information and to sign up for Employers of National Service.

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