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Recruiter Network Inventory Survey

Recruiter Network Inventory Survey
The purpose of this survey is to create an list of used and ongoing systems of Recruiter Network members. This inventory will help members see what tools and best practices are being utilized by colleagues. Members will have access to final inventory lists and be able to contact each other for additional resource information specific to each company, their marketing and recruiting, and the programs and software utilized by HR departments.

Company Information
* Company Name: 
* Contact Name: 
* Contact Email: 
* Company Website: 
* Does your website have a mobile version specific to mobile devices?
* Do you have a mobile app to accept candidate's applications?
* Industry: 
* How many locations do you have? 
What is your tagline? Branding line for your company?
Do you have a designated recruiter at your company?
How many recruiters does your company have?
What is your HR to Staff Ratio?
What is your overall turnover percent?
* What state is the best to recruit potential employees from? 
* Please indicate what items you are using to market open positions for your company. (Hold down the CTRL button to make multiple selections)
If you selected Facebook above, which form of Facebook page do you use?
If applicable, please list all other social media that provides value to recruiting.
What is the most effective advertising done?
Do you offer job shadowing opportunities to students?
Best way to get involved in the community to attract potential workforce (not related to specific advertising)?

How are these advertised?
Typically, how long do internships last?
What departments have interns?
Are they paid?
What do you consider a success?
What is the success rate?
Do you offer this to other ages other than college?

Referral System
How much are referrals worth?
After what length of time?
Who gets paid?
What percentage of your intakes come through referrals?
Who tracks in the company?
Other information?

Sign-on Bonus
How is this advertised?
After what length of time/how long does the new-hire need to be employed with the company?
What positions?
How much is this bonus worth on average?

Additional Marketing/Recruiting Questions
Please list below what the hardest positions are to fill.
What is the hardest location to fill, please list them all.
* How many job fairs do you attend each year? 
Which job fairs do you attend that are most beneficial?
If you use a temporary staffing agency or placement agency, please note which company you prefer?

Software Questions - Indicate what software you are using for the following functions. If you do not have a software solution for any functionality or if you hired a third party vendor, please indicate that.
Core HR data administration (employee master date)
HR Actions (changes made to master data or do you only have paper?)
Payroll (garnishment management, new hire reporting, and the printing of checks)
Benefits Enrollment
Time Management (time clocks, tracking, eliminating paper time sheets, PTO management, scheduling)
Performance reviews, talent management, succession planning
Compensation Mangement
Applicant Tracking System
On-boarding System
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