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Recruiter Network Survey

Recruiter Network Survey
Please complete this survey regarding your recruiting/HR practices and policies for your company.
* Name/Title 
* Company name/Organization 
Email Address
Do you have a designated recruiter at your company?
What is the best recruiting tool/tactic you use or have used to attract workforce or candidates?
What is the #1 draw you use to attract/retain talent to your company?
What positions do you have problems filling?
What skill sets do you feel are lacking in current candidates?
How are you using social media in attracting workforce?
Have you found temporary or placement agencies to serve as a feeder for full time employment?

What experience do you have hiring military?
Are you trying to attract new graduates/students?
If yes, how are you currently doing that?
* Where do you post your job openings currently? 
If you use Job Service, do you post each job or does Job Service have access to your feed and spider your positions in?
Do you or have you participated in Job Fairs (in-state or out-of-state)? Check all that apply

What was the most successful job fair event and why?
Do you respond to each person who applies to your company?
Do you currently consider out-of-state applications for open positions?
Where are you discovering the best candidates that are staying in North Dakota (state, region, etc.)?
Do you have a referral system in place with current employees?
What kinds of things do you have in place to integrate your new employees into the community?
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