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Occupational Licensing Reform

The goal of the Occupational Licensing Reform workgroup is to remove barriers to employment while preserving the health and safety of North Dakotans and promoting competition. 

Revamping our state’s current occupational licensing requirements will allow North Dakota to be better suited to address workforce challenges by making our state more accommodating to new and current residents seeking employment opportunities.

The purpose of Occupational Licensing Reform workgroup is to study North Dakota’s schema for occupational licensing in order to develop a thorough understanding of:
  • Licensing in our state
  • Discover best practices
  • Engage licensing boards and commissions
  • Identify the best path for reform
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The workgroup is a subcommittee of the Workforce Development Council and is made up of legislators and a cross-functional group of individuals who represent those affected by North Dakota’s occupational licensing framework.
  • Representative Cindy Schreiber-Beck
  • Senator Judy Lee
  • Senator Kristin Roers
  • Senator Randy Burckhard
  • Senator Scott Meyer
  • Dirk Wilke, Dept of Health
  • Rick Gardner, RRI
  • Major Jay Sheldon, National Guard
  • Phil Davis, Job Service
  • Jace Beehler, Policy Advisor, Governor’s Office
  • Adam Martin, F5 Project
  • Matt Gardner, GNDC
Occupational Licensing Reform Subcommittee Minutes
February 26, 2020 OLR Minutes
File Size: 1933 kb

April 8, 2020 OLR Minutes
File Size: 1927 kb

April 29, 2020 OLR Minutes
File Size: 160 kb

June 24, 2020 OLR Minutes
File Size: 102 kb

July 10, 2020 Special OLR Minutes
File Size: 99 kb

July 30, 2020 OLR Minutes
File Size: 47 kb

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