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Workforce Enhancement Grants


Bismarck State College received a $50,000 workforce enhancement grant to help the Agriculture Industry and Technology program and the Farm and Ranch Management program.

The Workforce Enhancement Grant Program provides funding for a demand driven response to workforce training needs through:
  • development of curriculum.
  • purchase of equipment and technology.
  • recruitment of participants.
  • training and certification for instructors (may not be used to supplant funding for current operations).
Eligible institutions include Bismarck State College, Lake Region State College, North Dakota State College of Science and Williston State College.

Funding for Workforce Enhancement Grants is determined by the legislature on a biennial basis.


Workforce Enhancement Council

The Workforce Enhancement Council provides recommendations to the Commerce Commissioner for the approval of Workforce Enhancement Grants to institutions of higher education assigned primary responsibility for workforce training -- to be used to create or enhance training programs that address workforce needs of public sector companies under the below requirements: (NDCC 54-60-21 and ND 54-60-22)
  1. The Division of Workforce Development certifies that a proposed training program meets a critical workforce shortage in a target industry or other high-demand occupation and is expected to lead to employment in this state; and
  2. The proposed recipient provides the Department with detailed documentation of private sector participation, including the availability of one dollar of matching funds for each dollar of state funds.
Workforce Enhancement Grant Forms
Workforce Enhancement Grant Procedures Guide
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Application - SFN59971 - Attachment I
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Proposal Rating Sheet - SFN59314 - Attachment II
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Request for Funds - SFN59313 - Attachment III
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Contract Template - Attachment IV
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Addendum Template - Attachment V
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Contractors Release - SFN59999 - Attachment VI
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Performance Reporting - Attachment VII
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Accountability Inventory Format - Attachment VIII(a)
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